Friday, December 11, 2015

Week 14. Semester 3. Wrapping up.

Today, Friday December 11th, the S-STEM Scholars will be presenting their work on campus. At the moment I am finalizing the power point presentation. 
Typically, I abstain myself from deviating from data and procedure updates in this blog. However, this week is our last in the semester and I wanted to take the time to thank the NSF and the Phoenix College Biosciences Department, especially Dr. Amanda Chapman and Dr. Rosati for making this experience possible.
Thanks to all my fellow S-STEM scholars and our wonderful mentors for their continued support in our academic and personal life.
Special thanks to Dr. Robin Cotter for her amazing passion for teaching and empowering the students in the project. To Cori for always being there for us and for all the helpful insights and techniques taught during the semester. Thanks Josh for always listening and encouraging the scholars and Matt for being so helpful in the lab. Thanks to Kim and Ana for their niceness!!
And finally, thanks to each and every one of the interns for the wonderful conversations and the support we give each other!

I am glad to plan to return next semester and continue being a part of this wonderful group of people!
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